LED Displays


SIGN MART uses advanced producing techniques to make outdoor text message centers and video screens for numerous applications such as digital billboards; pylon displays time and temperature signs.

The main power driving the fast market development is its results as an on principle promotion method. LED displays have the capability to modify information quickly and consistently. The benefits of LED sign owners are that they can get in touch with their customers directly through their sign messages. Thus the sign messages turn out to grab more attention and are able have more new business customers for display owners.

LED sign systems are in great success of new way of advertising to business owners and outdoor advertising and marketing providers. Some business owners even testified they have better profits than newspaper advertising, direct mailers, print signs or other typical advertising methods.
Advantages of LED Displays
LED technology is rapidly getting to be tomorrow's essential light source and have a few focal points over conventional light sources:

  • LEDs for sign lighting effects are graded for continuous use for up to 100,000 hours.
  • LEDs radiate a "cold light", which means they produce quite minimal heat compared with other lighting systems. This also means less wasted energy.
  • LEDs are high efficiency indicating they use up less energy to generate brighter light displays that produces much higher readability and flexibility of use than conventional signs and billboards.
  • LEDs are produced in a complete variety of colors and with proper blending techniques can make billions of colors.
  • LEDs are constantly declining in price, making LED displays incredibly cost-effective.

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